Monday's story

Nearly Popping the Question

It’s been so long since I asked you to sign up to Twitter and start following me and now, I can finally ask the question: Will you ma

Friday's story


No one saw Teddy take the money from the unlocked safe, but afterward, he felt guilty; preached a Wednesday night sermon on forgiveness.

Thursday's story


I put her things in a box. Notes, letters, photos. A lock of my hair. I wanted it to last forever but they sealed the casket yesterday.

Tuesday's story

Almost Home

After he retired, Hal spent his mornings on the cement stoop outside his two flat. One day, he saw God walk by. He looks good, he thought.

Monday's story

A Long Day’s Night

When she arrives home after work, the bedroom light’s on. She didn’t turn it on. Water’s running in the tub. She doesn’t have a tub.

Friday's story

In no time…

Dawn’s descent over cityscape. Gilded rooftops called him, named him. With no thought to impossibility or what might be left behind, he entered the painted sidewalk.