Wednesday's story

Earth Day

Many palm trees with vines. Monkeys swinging from trees. Butterflies and flowers. Nice and peaceful. A man-made boat with men. Peace ruined.

Tuesday's story

The Era of the Lazy Man

He sees the recycling. A huge pile. Yawning, he piles it into a black bag. The binmen come. He smiles as they chuck the bags into the truck.

Monday's story

The Last One

“Once upon a time there used to be hundreds of these beasts,” said the guide. “This here’s the last one. Now, slowly… pull the trigger…”

Sunday's story

Welcome to Earth Week

4/22/1970: 20 million Americans take to the street to fight pollution. 4/22-26/2013: 5 writers take to OneFortyFiction to save the planet.

Wednesday's story


Mom drove me to school day after day, her eyes red and swollen. Today, I saw red lips instead of red eyes, and a smile. A harbinger of hope!

Tuesday's story

Aw, Boston You’re My Home

Down by the banks of the river Charles, that’s where you’ll find me, along with lovers, buggers and thieves. Aw, but they’re cool people.