Thursday's story

The Inevitable

Yu dangles the worm near her lips, tongues the air. The other kids dare her to eat it. She does. One day soon, the worms will get to eat Yu.

Tuesday's story

Look Behind You

They are silhouetted against the western sky. He’s teaching her to fly a kite. I know when I’m not wanted, but I’m staying anyway.

Monday's story

Lovers & Friends

“You’ll love Penny,” I told my then-new boyfriend. We were introducing each other to family and pals. So sad, he did.

Friday's story

The Listener

For once in their marriage, he listened to her patiently. Sitting down, she started to pour out her heart, right in front of his tombstone.

Thursday's story

How It Ends

“You’re just a baby,” he said in his twenty-four-year-old glory. “What could you know of making promises, at twenty?”

Tuesday's story

Brotherly Love

The monster oozes from the closet, slinks past Tim’s bed to Jon’s. It pulses wetly. Jon sobs, “No, Timmy!” It writhes, slurps. Tim smiles.