Thursday's story

The Sandman

I begged until he released me. He warned a nightmare if I didn’t return. I ran to the loo, peed, then, true to my word, went back to sleep.

Wednesday's story


I saw her in the parking lot, visibly shaken. I comforted her like a gentleman. But I was also hungry, so I grabbed her purse and ran.

Tuesday's story

Sweet Rememberings

Nell lives on the third step of the home and gives boiled sweets to strangers. They tell her she was a teacher. She shrugs and asks, “Who?”

Wednesday's story


The refrigerator was no barrier. He pawed underneath it until his claws were dull. Finally, that ancient popcorn kernel was his.

Tuesday's story

Name It

I played sports, lost games, watched shows, ate your meals. I did your favorite things, even ones I didn’t care for. Name it, and I’ve done it—just to wear your heart.

Friday's story


Over breakfast he said: “I know you love me.” I wondered how he could know when I was still so unsure. I half smiled and sipped my cold tea.