A story from Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where They Met

The earthquake threw and trapped them face to face under beams for two days, where they studied each other’s eyes and lips for a lifetime.

5 Critiques to "Where They Met"

  1. The following was written by Gayle Beveridge on May 4, 2011

    Wonderful set up; the aftermath of the earthquake instantly visual. A clever and succinct portrayal of tension created by the crisis and the conclusion “for two days” placed artfully mid-story.

  2. The following was written by Tucker on May 4, 2011

    Beautifully heartbreaking, well constructed, with huge emotional resonance. A great piece.

  3. The following was written by Lisa Tang Liu on May 4, 2011

    A haunting tale succinctly told.

  4. The following was written by Jan B. on May 5, 2011

    Very effective. Two very intense days probably seemed like a lifetime — then turned into a lifetime together. Great love story to ponder, in anticipation of Mother’s Day.

  5. The following was written by Pushkal Juneja on May 8, 2011

    Very touching. One reads it and initial reaction is a sad ending. Re-reading & discovering “two days” is a relief.