Stories related to women


Having captured my soul, made me shiver, want, feel, lust, having blossomed before my eyes, offered everything and nothing, she was gone.

Disaster Date

He took her to a vegan diner because she was a health nut. After lunch they walked barefoot on the beach. She chucked rocks at seagulls.

Make a Wish

“Make a wish,” my wife said. “Make love to Mia,” I murmured inaudibly. My wife saw my lips move: “Not aloud! Otherwise it won’t come true.”

Ghost Markings

She’d had tiny feet, and he’d longed for those wet prints in the hall. It wasn’t hers here, but the girl’s were enough to make him remember.

Moving from Bad to Worse

She rode the singed wings of indignity, chin thrust forward and ears deaf to his apology. It was a cold and prickly trip for both of them.

People watching

Looking through the lens, Jerry saw her sitting beneath the birch on the old park bench. Click. She’d look nice in his collection.