Stories related to women

The Last Goodbye

She looked back with pity as she left our bed; it had happened to me again. Even ex-girlfriends prefer to end with a bang not a whimper.

Hell Hath No Fury…

Her fists twisted in impotent rage, teeth clenched in suppressed fury. A seething bitterness welled up within her. “I SAID VANILLA, DADDY!!”

Gracie’s Tell

Her eye twitched just like when they played poker and she was bluffing. “Everything okay?” he asked, tossing his brother a beer. Twitch.

Her Ending

Her family gathered, but by then she could no longer speak; just gazed at them with hungry eyes. She died in the night with no one watching.

The Neighbor Girl

The neighbor girl isn’t eating again. She tapes quarters to her belt to tip the scale and satisfy her stern mother—she thinks of everything.


Hot damn! A mail-order bride! Harris placed his order. She arrived a fortnight later, but it didn’t work out. They’d forgotten air-holes.