Stories related to women

World Ripped Open

I kept my shirt buttoned up and makeup dull just like they said. But he didn’t seem to know that rule. I lay there, my eyes unable to close.

The Biggest Loser

4 pounds in 5 days. She’d only just started with her trainer! She would reach her goal this time. And he would eat his heart out.


She visited his hidden grave every year at this time to lay flowers. Always cautious that no one followed, as officially he’s only missing.

Two Blue Lines

He thought they were soul mates, until the day she lifted her head from the toilet to answer his hesitant, hopeful question: “I hope not.”

Let it Loose

It was like an escaping prisoner. Some said heat, others said chemicals. But she alone knew that this growth of hair could not be tamed.

Patriot Act

She undressed with graceful movements, then washed herself with lingering touches. He knew she couldn’t be a terrorist, but kept recording.