Stories related to women

Life in a Moment

Our eyes meet. I see passion, pitter-pattering feet, and greying hair. You get off the bus anyway. Third time I’ve fallen for you this week.

Wearing Thin

She devoured the food so ravenously, I had to ask: “Where do you put it all?” She laughed, kissed me, and excused herself for the bathroom.

Shivering Their Timbers

Having learnt all the piratical tricks, Eve launched a career as an anti-piracy consultant. She never tired of unbuckling foes in mid-swash.

Visceral Woes

They thought congratulations were in order. Seeing their mischievous grins, she sucked her belly in and decided to join the gym after all.

Buyer’s Remorse

He noticed the bridesmaid’s cleavage, her legs. Pondering if he’d have a chance with her, he looked up as his bride started down the aisle.

O Diabo

Step. Every eager face swivelled around. Step. He approached the alpha female and spoke. No direct eye contact. “Do you fancy a dance?”