Stories related to women

Long Story

“Christ what a long story,” thought Mike silently as he decided never to call this pretty, dull girl again.

The Pearl

Pearl in a boy’s hand, unable to let go of that part of her that rolled towards him, a woman, who one day will forget her broken necklace.

Mrs. Chatterjee

She lets him in. But the conversation is somber and she is guarded, not because the man is a stranger, but because he is not.


“Oh Lord,” she sighed. I am still not sure if she really was a believer. It doesn’t matter. For one short moment we were in heaven. Together.


The pull to go is always with her—the need for another adventure. But still, her suitcase is battered and heavy with regret at all the goodbyes in her life.


He swore he wanted her to go, and that gave her strength, and so she hated him for walking beside her window right to the end of the platform.