Stories related to winter solstice

Closing Time, Christmas Eve

2000 winters ago, Christ received gold from magi. As a direct result, today I shuffle through Sears buying my father-in-law a grey necktie.

White World

Snow steadily falls over the region, wrapping around everything like a blanket. The children are delighted, happy the snow is finally here.

Midsummer in the Southern Hemisphere

She sat in the sun on midsummer’s day. How she missed the rain, the dark, the frosts of home. Missed all that moaning about the weather.


Dear Santa, I’ve been very naughty this year. I have the video to prove it. Meet me for milk and cookies; we can watch it together. Yours truly.

Snowmen are not indoor friends

She carefully pulled him in her red wagon. He sat in the den. Her mom called her for lunch. When she returned, there was only a tiny puddle.

Welcome to a Week of Winter Solstice

The editor thinks, “The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. OneFortyFiction is all about the shortest stories possible. Neat.”