Stories related to violence

Caveat Mafioso

“Take her out!” Jules was told. So he did. It was a nice clean shot too. But then his boss phoned to ask if his wife was having a good time.

Brotherly Love

The monster oozes from the closet, slinks past Tim’s bed to Jon’s. It pulses wetly. Jon sobs, “No, Timmy!” It writhes, slurps. Tim smiles.

Faulty Anatomical Data

The first wave of attacks only maimed the humans. Further research determined the best way to a man’s heart was through his rib cage.

On Bended Knees

“He was a saint, an inspiration! Father Joe will be missed.” We lied through counterfeit smiles and timorous skin for the entire funeral.


From the apartment’s stairwell, sodium-lit from the streetlamps, came a strident scream — which all heard, but to which no one responded.

Two Dead in Black Lake

Two lovers in a rowboat. My wife and her assistant. Their lake is oil dark, still, but dangerous. Like me.