Stories related to sci-fi

The Slow March of Progress

Woke up from cryosleep. World unchanged. 500 years since the ENIAC and our go-to computer fix is still “Try turning it on and off again.”

Sky of Wonder

Dad yelled to come look at the man on the moon. Left my Beatles album, gave a nod at the TV, & sneaked back to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Welcome to Sci-Fi Week

Forty-two years ago, the human species set foot on the moon. For the next five days, your imaginations will take us back, and beyond.

Greener Grass

“Wait,” said the evil time-traveling robot, scanning the park the rebel’s mother fled through, “this is way better than what we put here.”

Second War of the Worlds

This time the Martians did their research, got the jabs, took the pills. The Earth fell to their onslaught in three short weeks.


Red is the new green, radioactive the new pure, Monsanto the new organic. And from the ocean depths rises new life, smarter now, and pissed.