Stories related to sci-fi


The virus spread through his system faster than he had expected. As his memory began to fail, he prepared to switch to standby forever.

Grey Matter

“Tim?” She blindly reaches through the shadows. “Is that you?” A slow wet shuffle and, “Brains…” it replies. That’d be a no, then.

Talking to myself

Approaching the sad girl on the playground, I looked at me. “Every year is better than the last.” And then I returned to the time machine.


The shimmering blue planet winked at her. “Dad, I wanna go home.” “When Earth has cooled, dear.” She kicked the moon dust and pouted.

Lost in Space

Too many people lived on Earth so we sent the robots to space. Settle new planets for us we said. They did. We forgot to ask them where.

Psychic Pencil

A bridge, plane, dam, or ship. She can’t control what’s drawn on paper or what follows: collapse, crash, burst, or sunk. She never erases.