Stories related to sci-fi


He set the time portal for 12 minutes ahead and stepped through. Stumbling out a moment later, he gasped, “There‚Äôs nothing up there!”


“I luff you,” she said. “I lubv you,” she said. “I luuh ooh,” she said. Bobby scowled and wrung the manual. Nothing was made to last.

Zombie Love

Although his heart had been rotting, he loved her madly. She bent to kiss his long gone lips and he pulled her in close, feeling her spleen.

Brain Free TV

The acrobat falls from the trapeze. Applause follows, but not from me: I am the harshest judge on Zombie Talentz UK. Plus, I have no torso.


Sometimes I think of Laika all alone up there circling the earth. Was she afraid, I wonder. Or excited, thinking this is the best ride ever?


There was a child. Artificially cloned. Kept in a basement, away from the world. On mother’s day, he hugged the television.