Stories related to school


“How come you wear the same clothes every day?” the pigtailed girl asked. Chuck turned crimson, and silently wished for school uniforms.

How he became a writer

He makes his choice at nine years old. His teacher explains how to solve for X. He puts his head on his desk and dissolves into fiction.

F for Success

Normally it was better to drop a class you were going to fail. But not this time. The redhead he liked was finally sitting next to him.

What’s an ‘N word?’

The six-year-old sits outside the principal’s door. His teacher hadn’t liked what he’d said. But daddy never minded; daddy usually laughed.

High School is Like Real Life, Only More So

Dave dreaded many things about returning to school. Which lunch table to join? The abuse. Not fitting in. Bullies. Why did he pick teaching?


She tied the scarf around her head. The pink color gave her cheeks a much-needed glow. She hoped the end of summer would also end her chemo.