Stories related to school

Native Eyes

She was sick of show-and-tells about dreamcatchers where most girls in the back would snicker at her. Yet someone needed her for her warmth.

First Day at School

It rained so hard that I was two hours late picking her up. I found her sitting alone on the school steps, in a puddle of her own making.


The nerd had watched the whole thing! She pulled off the noose and kicked the broken branch. The nerd was touching her, helping her up! Eew!

The Cut

Her hopes held in a letter. Was it salvation or destruction? She slit it open and read ‘Thank-you but’. This small word caused so much pain.

Moving In and Moving On

He dropped the last box onto the dorm room floor, and watched his parents drive away. He’d never belong in just one place, ever again.

First Day Jitters

I made her a sandwich, washed an apple, and hoped she’d cope without me. She waved goodbye through a gin-fueled haze as I hopped on the bus.