Stories related to religion


Alien thoughts entered his mind. He recognized the sensation. God addressed him. They had met once before. Last time involved some drama.

Last Prayer

When I got the bad news about Santa, I knelt, prayed to God: “All-knowing, all-powerful, are You there?” Silence. Got off my knees forever.

Rain in Spain

Thunder in the east. Rain in the west. A wave of his hand and the planet shudders. A smiley Zeus touts his power in front of a green screen.

Born Again

Parson spread the word: be born again. His daughter also spread and he caught us. After the shotgun blast, perhaps I will be born again.

Reddening Sun

A druid led his son into a henge. ‘Days shorten. The sun is ailing,’ he said. ‘Can we heal it?’ asked the boy. The druid raised a knife.

Apocrypha Erased

In the auctioneer’s office, Jem cracked the safe. She wept bitterly, but still set the manuscript on fire. “It’s only paper,” she reasoned.