Stories related to psychological


The rope marks on her skin were like smoke, barely seen across the breakfast table. His breath quickened with the memory of her submission.

The Places They’ll Go

One night they learned how to fly away from their bodies. Traveling far, they easily forgot the way home. Oh, the places they go.


Charlotte knew she’d arrived in true Utopia. Printed in white block letters underneath the WELCOME sign was, POPULATION: 1.

An Unhealthy Relationship

“You keep leaving. I can’t trust you.” I stared out the window. My mother lowered her newspaper. “Don’t talk to the snow. It isn’t healthy.”

Sleep Deprivation

The pilot stares into the cloudscape beyond the flight deck and sees his childhood dog run in front of the plane. He doesn’t want to hit it.

9:00 Lie

She rolls the glass in her hand, ice shards swimming in gin, and promises herself and God: just two more drinks tonight.