Stories related to political


She crawled through a crush of concrete, bones and blood for days. On the upheaved street, she was lured into the truck by an offer of food.

I Have A Dream

The preacher said “I have a dream that we won’t deny rights based on race, but sexuality.” And the congregation broke out in applause.

The Decline & Fall of An Empire

When they took the cloth sack off his head, the world was never the same. Blindness was passed to everyone and an empire began to crumble.

Her Kind

She expertly played the room as she sipped the fine wine at the fundraiser. The beneficiaries are still waterless in the African desert.

Money Matters

They say money can’t make you happy, but he definitely felt something when he left the envelope of twenties in the young mother’s mailbox.

Protecting Borders

He protested SB1070 to impress her. White, so unhurt, he still saw too many abuses while jailed. Now she calls him, but he never answers.