Stories related to political

Springtime Past

They told the little ones stories. “Four seasons,” they say, “we had four seasons.” Their little eyes marvel at the dream of spring.

What a Wonderful World!

The streets were brimming with people. Suddenly, a bizarre blackout left everyone stranded. They say that the blind led everyone home.

The Money-Plumber

Money poured into the homes of the rich. “Call the money-plumber,” cried good King Zog. “Reverse the flow.” But no one understood the pipes.

Brothers in Arms

The opposing armies took refuge in the same town until the storm ended. Befriended and with no one to fight they returned to their families.


Charlotte knew she’d arrived in true Utopia. Printed in white block letters underneath the WELCOME sign was, POPULATION: 1.

Defiant Resolve

He typed opinions, they took his laptop. He penned opinions, they took his paper. In prison he wrote in blood; defying them to take him.