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They praised him. They paraded in his honor. They called him “Hero”. But everyone knew he could never walk on a Purple Heart.

Many Years Later

The smiling eyes of his great-grandson renewed his strength. He happily choked out “I do” to the man of his dreams.


She rocked on the porch. “Back when I ran for mayor, some of the men’s feelings were hurt.” Long pause. “But you know, I think that was OK.”

Please Give Generously

The gunmen were going door to door. They were collecting men, young and old for their war. We had little choice but to give generously.


He steals across two counties to sing karaoke, three to see his boyfriend. But only at work, when he’s Dr. Smith, does he feel like a fraud.

Civil Disobedience

After they finished searching our home, I pulled up the flooring to check in on the boys. Natural-born children were illegal. I didn’t care.