Stories related to political

Can we recycle?

“Mother, why is the sky brown?” he asked. “Because it’s reflecting off the ocean, honey,” she sighed. “Now, eat your fries.”

Hungry Woman

Cafe. Her outstretched filthy hand. Half my sandwich gone. I’d be hungry this afternoon but her child was fed. A cool breeze. Winter comes.


Tim parked the van next to the federal building. He stared at the glass doors in disgust. He exited the van, slamming the door with a BANG!

Pyrrhic defeat

The animals won the war, abolished capitalism, and replaced it with the law of the jungle. I was surprised at how little difference it made.

A House

The orange sign says don’t go in, but momma knows better. We make our beds and wake to a cop in the morning. Momma cries and we leave again.


He set the time portal for 12 minutes ahead and stepped through. Stumbling out a moment later, he gasped, “There‚Äôs nothing up there!”