Stories related to political

First and Last Stop

She’s on the school bus. She crouches low in back. The driver doesn’t see her. She’ll stay here all night. It’s warmer than at home.


I adjusted the focus on the projector and directed the beam at her. A photo of someone else’s smile lit up on the black of her burqa.

Lower My Mace?

Turned out the drunk who hollered “$20 to blow this” was referring to his dashboard breathalyzer. Didn’t immediately lower my mace, though.

Mixed Girl Plays the Blues

The piano was solace for her pain. She was too dark to pass, suspect to those she wanted to fool. Finale. She stood to applause, and wept.

Political Purse Snatch

A glance inside the purse; I’ve robbed the wrong woman. He won’t risk exposure. Why carry those photographs? I’ll be dead or rich by noon.

Clack Clack

Two stories up, three from the top, she tried to peck out a life for herself one character at a time. Her typewriter would be her freedom.