Stories related to pets


The refrigerator was no barrier. He pawed underneath it until his claws were dull. Finally, that ancient popcorn kernel was his.


Kitties are at the window watching the falling snow. “It’s like a sky full of laser pointers!” one whispers. The other is silent with awe.


The cat crouched on the table, twirling a knife. I paused, knowing I’d be late for work once again. I removed my tie and picked up a sword.

What about me?

Max wakes in his yard. Looks, cries. Barks desperately. They’re home – almost. Across the street at the neighbor’s without him. Selfless love.


My dog did my taxes this year. Humped the hell out of them. Smoked a cigarette and burned them to curled black detritus. “Good dog!”

Morning After

He found her on the kitchen floor, slumped against the bag of kibble. “I went to fill his bowl,” she said. “And then I remembered.”