Stories related to parenting

In the Bleak Midwinter

Department store Santa was the only job he could get. He looked up and saw his daughter and his ex. How good was his disguise?

Reddening Sun

A druid led his son into a henge. ‘Days shorten. The sun is ailing,’ he said. ‘Can we heal it?’ asked the boy. The druid raised a knife.

First Fall

I tiptoed to the crib and whispered in baby Joey’s ear. “Can you feel it? Fall’s here and I can’t wait to jump in the leaves with you.”

First Day Jitters

I made her a sandwich, washed an apple, and hoped she’d cope without me. She waved goodbye through a gin-fueled haze as I hopped on the bus.

Animal Rhymes

He got detention for his awful poem. “Larry Lizard spat and swore, snuck up on koala and pooed on his paw.” His mother stifled a giggle.

Baby Fat

The first day of junior year, she was back to a size 4. They thought she’d been dieting over the summer, but all she’d lost was 8 lbs, 6 oz.