Stories related to parenting

Fancy Dress

Hostile chuckles greet his mother’s black dress and heels. He squawks: “Stop laughing or I’ll turn you all into toads!”

Our Father

“He doesn’t mean it,” she says, pushing the bottle to her lips. “He really does love us.” I push the ice pack against my swollen eyes.


Vacation time, but money is short. Set the lawn chair in kid’s sandbox, grab sunglasses and a beer. Ignore wife-kids-phone. I’m in Tahiti.


The cigarette burn scars on his arm screamed “I hate you, Dad!” The tears on his cheeks as he touched the casket offered a rebuttal.

Banana’s for Mother’s Day

My daughter burrowed under the covers to retrieve her yellow koala, all sleepy magnanimity. “Banana said you get to hold him first today.”

A House

The orange sign says don’t go in, but momma knows better. We make our beds and wake to a cop in the morning. Momma cries and we leave again.