Stories related to marriage

In The News

I fall asleep with the news on. You’re a reporter in a bullet proof vest. I hear shell fire. I wake up. I’m glad you’re upstairs, not there.

Cemetery Blues

The sun comes up and the walkers make time in Maple Park Cemetery. Nobody sees the old man in the Ford coupe. He has become invisible to us.

In Flagrante Delicto

A silicon mask and a fake accent had produced the seemingly impossible: Michael was caught cheating on his wife, by his wife, with his wife.

The Aftermath of Goodbye

The door closed, her plane pulled away, and she was gone. A long journey home in the car, and silent sorrow from the two children in back.

A Table For One

He kept his cool until the barista said, “Just the one? Where’s your wife, today?” Then the reality crashed in and he broke down in sobs.


“Want pancakes for breakfast?” “I want a new life.” But they don’t find one of those at Wal-mart and settle for a jumbo box of cereal.