Stories related to marriage

Isaiah 45:7

Ann became devout the day her husband died because the night before she had held his photo and sobbed and prayed — that God would destroy him.

Never Again

“I can’t do this,” Martha wiped away her tears. “I won’t cry for you, anymore.” She rolled his body into the river. “Never again.”

The Listener

For once in their marriage, he listened to her patiently. Sitting down, she started to pour out her heart, right in front of his tombstone.


Mom drove me to school day after day, her eyes red and swollen. Today, I saw red lips instead of red eyes, and a smile. A harbinger of hope!

Nearly Popping the Question

It’s been so long since I asked you to sign up to Twitter and start following me and now, I can finally ask the question: Will you ma

Last meal before marriage

He smiled at her during breakfast. She smiled back, signed the receipt. Each of them knew it was the last time they’d see that name forever.