Stories related to love

First Kiss

As our lips joined, I touched the tip of his tongue with mine. He panicked and hurried back to his car. I jingled his car keys in the air.

Zombie Love

Although his heart had been rotting, he loved her madly. She bent to kiss his long gone lips and he pulled her in close, feeling her spleen.


She hid in the darkened alley. When the diner closed and the help went home, she lifted the dumpster lid. Her children would eat tonight.

Her Face

I woke up, rolled over and looked at her face. It was the millionth time I’d done it. I knew, at once, that a million would never be enough.


Their lips pressed together like a miracle. She waited her entire life for this. She hasn’t any idea of the nightmare her life is to become.

Mrs. Claus

Pink dawn and jingling sleigh bells wake her. She sits in bed and waits for footsteps on the stairs. Her gift doesn’t fit under the tree.