Stories related to love


After 10 years, she expected nothing from him. When a bouquet arrived for her, she beamed. She went home and kissed him. He had no idea why.

I Give You My Heart

She’d given him a kidney years ago. Now she needed a heart. He called 911, told them everything they needed to know, & pulled the trigger.

Cut from the Bush

He gave her red roses on their first date and sixty years later he lays roses at her grave. The flowers wilt, as does he without her.

Secret Lover

He arrived on night’s wing. The town sensed his evil nature, whetted stakes by torchlight. The coffin is rock-heavy. I put them in there.


For a moment I was 21. Then he looked away. I was back at a bar I didn’t know in a city I never liked. The inches between us became miles.

Falling Stars

After a long night, you took me to my doorstep. It was late. You looked up with your big brown eyes. I fell hard, and I never looked back.