Stories related to love

Stuck in an Elevator

Amy and Jan tussle over a granola bar Amy refuses to share, reducing it to crumbs. Suddenly a different hunger takes over. They kiss.


He can steal honey out of a wild hive, wrestle ‘gators in the swamp, charm snakes and climb mountains but he can’t navigate a relationship.

Name It

I played sports, lost games, watched shows, ate your meals. I did your favorite things, even ones I didn’t care for. Name it, and I’ve done it—just to wear your heart.


Over breakfast he said: “I know you love me.” I wondered how he could know when I was still so unsure. I half smiled and sipped my cold tea.

Lovers & Friends

“You’ll love Penny,” I told my then-new boyfriend. We were introducing each other to family and pals. So sad, he did.

How It Ends

“You’re just a baby,” he said in his twenty-four-year-old glory. “What could you know of making promises, at twenty?”