Stories related to kindness

Strangers in Name Only

His body washed ashore weeks later. She had seen him only once – tossing his life jacket to her. She didn’t know his name – only his heart.

Talking to myself

Approaching the sad girl on the playground, I looked at me. “Every year is better than the last.” And then I returned to the time machine.

What a Wonderful World!

The streets were brimming with people. Suddenly, a bizarre blackout left everyone stranded. They say that the blind led everyone home.

Quick Judgement

Her date arrived late, his suit caked in dirt. She left with barely a hello. Later on the news was her date. He’d saved a small boy’s life.

Hey – I’m here!

Why do random acts of kindness always happen to other people? Can’t someone out there send me something? A postcard would be nice. From you.

Her Kind

She expertly played the room as she sipped the fine wine at the fundraiser. The beneficiaries are still waterless in the African desert.