Stories related to imaginary friend

Getting It Online

Again they made virtual love. Again it couldn’t tell her it was merely a program. She already knew, but found his deceit touchingly human.

An Old Friend

My finger lingered over the key. I needed to end our online friendship. But it’s hard to end things with a friend that died three years ago.

Better with Age

Thick mahogany hair, a sly smirk, caramel eyes, flexing biceps beneath a crisp linen shirt. Even imaginary friends get better with age.

A Developing Personality

He’d had an imaginary friend for weeks. “Where’s Amy today,” his mum asked. “Gone,” he said, “I killed her.” She hadn’t worried, until now.

Dad’s Day Out

“Table for four,” John said brightly. His daughter looked crestfallen. His son just sighed and held up three fingers to the waitress.

Imaginary Friend Week

When no one is around, our contributors can often be heard talking to their imaginary friends. Shhh…maybe we can hear what they’re saying.