Stories related to illness

A Pound of Gaudy Flesh

Jake picked up the sharp knife, fingered the golf ball sized cyst under his arm, and wished (not for the first time) he had health insurance.

Sweet Rememberings

Nell lives on the third step of the home and gives boiled sweets to strangers. They tell her she was a teacher. She shrugs and asks, “Who?”

I Give You My Heart

She’d given him a kidney years ago. Now she needed a heart. He called 911, told them everything they needed to know, & pulled the trigger.

2nd Derangement

Grandpa’s descent was complete. He cowered, in a smock, snagging forks and grasping straws, yawping eternally, “Dey heah to take mah guns!”

My Sis

Picked my sis up from rehab today. Dad says she did well, but I know better. I told him to check her undie drawer, he didn’t and he won’t.

When It Comes

Sis was first; then mom. Bleeding ears, loss of speech, the bloating. Finally, the skin gave way. Barrel in my mouth. “Now what?”