Stories related to human rights

Welcome to Human Rights Week

The editor walks into a dark room with five contributors by his side. They spark their candles, leaving the darkness nowhere left to hide.

Defiant Resolve

He typed opinions, they took his laptop. He penned opinions, they took his paper. In prison he wrote in blood; defying them to take him.

Taking My Right To Live

“Hold still while I drill through your hands,” he smiles, teeth glowing. “If you taut your arms, I can’t stretch you on my wall properly.”


She crawled through a crush of concrete, bones and blood for days. On the upheaved street, she was lured into the truck by an offer of food.

I Have A Dream

The preacher said “I have a dream that we won’t deny rights based on race, but sexuality.” And the congregation broke out in applause.

The Decline & Fall of An Empire

When they took the cloth sack off his head, the world was never the same. Blindness was passed to everyone and an empire began to crumble.