Stories related to heartbreak

After, II

After the vomit, Mary thought this isn’t so bad. Then the realization that Joe wasn’t there to hold her hair. Tombstones support no hands.

An Exchange

He made her an oil painting of their love and loyalty, which she secretly sold to buy herself a diamond ring.

The Danger of Truth Games

“So, what’s the worse lie you ever told?” he asked his wife. “I love you,” she honestly replied “but I really hate these silly truth games.”


Having captured my soul, made me shiver, want, feel, lust, having blossomed before my eyes, offered everything and nothing, she was gone.

Moving from Bad to Worse

She rode the singed wings of indignity, chin thrust forward and ears deaf to his apology. It was a cold and prickly trip for both of them.


You kissed me in the elevator that day. You kissed me and then I loved you so much I forgot I couldn’t, until I landed, and he picked me up.