Stories related to halloween

When It Comes

Sis was first; then mom. Bleeding ears, loss of speech, the bloating. Finally, the skin gave way. Barrel in my mouth. “Now what?”

Behind the Curtain

Jen sings in the shower. Talons click closer. Unseen breath shudders the curtain. She shuts the spray. Hears dripping. Not water. Saliva.


Weeds lick at the roadside cross, savoring the dereliction. Cars hurtle past. A lonely soul yearns for a ride home.

‘Til Death

“Trust this only,” she growled in my ear. “I’ll come back for you.” I shuddered as I pulled the knife from her spine and let her drop.

The Attack

The knife plunged deeply into flesh, slicing & tearing. Looking upon his victim with satisfaction, Billy then turned to the next pumpkin…


No blood-washed fangs. No neck bolts. Instead, his monster lurked deep inside, sensuous and slimy, grasping for freedom. She’d know it soon.