Stories related to funny

Bad Publicity

She scribbled cartoons as the meeting dragged to its end. The local rag published the caricatures, centre page. She was fired.


Alice followed a White Rabbit with a shiny watch. She found him; he clocked time with her. Now she’s late and the White Rabbit has vanished.


Red words: Occupied. Oops, too late!


Bill was sure he had won his struggle with the doppelgänger, but washing the blood off his hands, he saw an unfamiliar birthmark on his arm.

The Thirst

Unquenchable thirst. Reaching, reaching…The vessel shattered. Street ran red. Sons and daughters wailed. Mr. Kool-Aid had left no will.

Waiting for the gun

There was no escape. She gazed ahead, ready for the gun to trigger her fate. As it fired, she heaved the oars back and took the first stroke.