Stories related to funny

Temple Run

Please, please, pray for me, because as I am writing this, I am being chased by an angry mob of evil monkeys.


Home is where you can take a leak at night without having to open your eyes. I wasn’t home last night. Sorry about that rug, friend.


Alien thoughts entered his mind. He recognized the sensation. God addressed him. They had met once before. Last time involved some drama.

Art Above All

The body artist pointed his tongue at his right leg. “That used to be my left arm.”

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

The mirror on the wall screamed, “Not you, no more.” She sadly decided no more Botox for her. She asked Grumpy to cancel her appointment.

Introductory Talk

“Is he the one with the infection?” “No, parasites. My son is the one with the pus.” We’d been stuck in the elevator for eighteen hours.