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Wrong Guy

The lifeless face differed from the blurry pics I’d seen. I figured whether the first payment was high enough to leave the country.


“HOT DANG! Good shot, Bubba! Shit, tha’ thar’s jest a tiny lil’ baby alien. Now where’ya suppose its mamma is hidin’?…Bubba?…BUBBA?!”


The more he reflected from his hospital bed, the clearer it became why the hammer and sickle was not the proper flag to fly at the VFW hall.


I tried to stifle a cough but failed. Seconds later a man appeared in front of me. “What are you doing in my house?” he asked. Surprise?

Dating After the Apocalypse

When I nibbled on Ted’s ear and it broke off in my mouth, I realized that dating a zombie might be more complicated than I’d first imagined.


You need a short bob, the stylist purred to her. A frisson of ecstasy swept over him as her long, lustrous locks began piling on the floor.