Stories related to funny

A Long Day’s Night

When she arrives home after work, the bedroom light’s on. She didn’t turn it on. Water’s running in the tub. She doesn’t have a tub.

Faulty Anatomical Data

The first wave of attacks only maimed the humans. Further research determined the best way to a man’s heart was through his rib cage.

The Scarecrow

John posted the hay-man in his front yard. But, still, a man climbed in the back window and ate of his wife’s seed.

After the Chainsaw

The UPS kiosk asked if she wanted one-day delivery. You know, she thought, he did want to see the country. She smiled. Free shipping it was.

Planes Over Stars

“Do you wish on shooting stars?” she asked. “No,” he said. “Why not?” “Shooting stars are silly and rare. I wish on airplanes. More common.”

Boldly Go

Early transporters sent copies. One by one they stranded a tribbleload of Kirks, all shouting into communicators for Scotty to beam them up.