Stories related to funny

Caveat Mafioso

“Take her out!” Jules was told. So he did. It was a nice clean shot too. But then his boss phoned to ask if his wife was having a good time.

The Sandman

I begged until he released me. He warned a nightmare if I didn’t return. I ran to the loo, peed, then, true to my word, went back to sleep.


“You can talk?!” she gasped, setting her diary down gently. “Of course,” it replied. “I’m just shy.”

Dining on a Delicacy

Enjoy the ears. Nibble on the nose. Snack on the stomach. Feast on the feet. How to consume a chocolate creature.

Nearly Popping the Question

It’s been so long since I asked you to sign up to Twitter and start following me and now, I can finally ask the question: Will you ma

Almost Home

After he retired, Hal spent his mornings on the cement stoop outside his two flat. One day, he saw God walk by. He looks good, he thought.