Stories related to freedom of information

Rumors, Aliens, & Everything Else

The envelope was stamped “Top Secret.” He opened it and began reading the pages inside. “Jesus,” the man said. “It’s all true.”

The Day Twitter Exploded

At the moment everyone shared everything with everybody—POW! A huge ball of shattered information, like antimatter, sucked up the world.


The words he was reading stung his eyes. Had he really said those things? He was bound to his word though, and he would surely apologize.

The Final Tally

Ledgers, dusty and water stained, century old evidence of bribery and corruption, found at last. Tomorrow, history books will be rewritten.

The View from the Other Side

For two years, he asked the same question in marginally different ways. One day, he would accept that the truth doesn’t lie. But not today.

Freedom of Information Week

The editor types up the requisite form, submits it to the FBI and CIA. For the next five days, he receives five unique stories. Ah, freedom.