Stories related to family

Brothers in Arms

The opposing armies took refuge in the same town until the storm ended. Befriended and with no one to fight they returned to their families.


Charlotte knew she’d arrived in true Utopia. Printed in white block letters underneath the WELCOME sign was, POPULATION: 1.

Drink Problem

Max drained the day’s second bottle of Cabernet into his glass. He tried to ignore the nagging thought he was turning into his own father.

Christmas Presence

Christmas comes again, with a melancholy sweetness of pumpkin, bright lights, and the one extra present we always wrap to remind us of her.

New Family

He arrived to pick them up from the hospital. Her room was empty. “She said she’s sorry,” the nurse said as she handed him the baby.

The Encounter

Rex rendezvoused at the restaurant with his first blind date, who happened to be his sister. After a good laugh, they enjoyed the linguine.