Stories related to family


He has scars she can see and some she only feels. Distrust. Paranoia. And, on bad days, the back of his hand. They are both survivors.

What about me?

Max wakes in his yard. Looks, cries. Barks desperately. They’re home – almost. Across the street at the neighbor’s without him. Selfless love.

It Will, Once You Leave

“I hope your day gets better,” said her husband, hovering in the front door. “Me too,” she said, eyes shut tight. The door closed softly.

Life Story

He. She. They. Bliss. Boredom. Betrayal. Court papers. Custody hearings. Canceled visitations. Restraining order. Father’s fury. Shotgun.

Tour of Duty

She sat in the dark, bat in hand while two younger sisters slept. The bedroom door creaked open; the bat splintered their big brother’s toe.

First Day Jitters

I made her a sandwich, washed an apple, and hoped she’d cope without me. She waved goodbye through a gin-fueled haze as I hopped on the bus.