Stories related to earth week


It’s secret research but they never let on – not until weird plants began sprouting in all our gardens. Now they want to talk.

Ultraviolet Tears

The ozone layer gravely depleted, they hide behind blackout curtains. Pale victims of a blitz they engineered themselves, they weep too late.

Earth Day

Many palm trees with vines. Monkeys swinging from trees. Butterflies and flowers. Nice and peaceful. A man-made boat with men. Peace ruined.

The Era of the Lazy Man

He sees the recycling. A huge pile. Yawning, he piles it into a black bag. The binmen come. He smiles as they chuck the bags into the truck.

The Last One

“Once upon a time there used to be hundreds of these beasts,” said the guide. “This here’s the last one. Now, slowly… pull the trigger…”

Welcome to Earth Week

4/22/1970: 20 million Americans take to the street to fight pollution. 4/22-26/2013: 5 writers take to OneFortyFiction to save the planet.