Stories related to domestic

At the Girlfriend’s House

He groaned in pain. His knuckles turned white as the scent of uncertainty filled the little room. “Chili,” said he, “you betrayed me.”

Ways to Forget

He repeated his name for her, but she simply stared ahead, motionless. He watched their past disintegrate behind her eyes.


Tears fell as she wept over the stolen jewels and smashed wedding photos. The broken glass from the bedroom window was scattered. Outside.

Too Late

This morning my face in the mirror does not look like me. It is too young and too happy. “Are you leaving?” she says. I never was here.


Their lips pressed together like a miracle. She waited her entire life for this. She hasn’t any idea of the nightmare her life is to become.

Selfish Peace

His sweaty hands clicked the safety. Shaking, they pulled the trigger. Noise. Pain. Silence. Peace for him, but not his wife and children.