Stories related to domestic

Many Years Later

The smiling eyes of his great-grandson renewed his strength. He happily choked out “I do” to the man of his dreams.

A Table For One

He kept his cool until the barista said, “Just the one? Where’s your wife, today?” Then the reality crashed in and he broke down in sobs.


“Want pancakes for breakfast?” “I want a new life.” But they don’t find one of those at Wal-mart and settle for a jumbo box of cereal.


After thirty years of marriage, your “yes” sounds fresh every night. But I don’t even have to ask. “Grateful” is not a word. It’s breathing.

Dingy Glass

Beneath the dingy glass, her ring looked more beautiful than when he’d proposed. “$1,500,” said the man. “Are you here to buy or sell?”

Domestic Violence

The metallic smell of blood and salty tears found my hiding place before Mama did. “Papa’s sorry” she whimpered. I pretended to believe her.