Stories related to domestic

Two Dead in Black Lake

Two lovers in a rowboat. My wife and her assistant. Their lake is oil dark, still, but dangerous. Like me.

Left Behind

Dad’s gone again. In a rage, Mom tears up his photo. But then we try to put the pieces back together, afraid that he might never come back.

In Flagrante Delicto

A silicon mask and a fake accent had produced the seemingly impossible: Michael was caught cheating on his wife, by his wife, with his wife.

Silent Witness

He gazed at his wife’s face, at the gentle curve of her body under the sheets. His silent tear fell on her as she lay in another man’s bed.

God’s Plan

“It’s all part of God’s plan,” she said. He stood. “Then God’s plan sucks.” With that he turned and walked out of church for the last time.

About Turner

“I fired you,” Lockhart snarled. “What are you doing -?” “My new job,” Turner said. His brochure read, “Downsized: The Hidden Blessing.”